7 Big Benefits of Blending

  1. Blending is fast:

I once in a while use an omega masticating juicer, however it is able to take a completely long term to put together end result and veggies for juicing, and the smooth-up is a big headache. So i juice about 1/10 as a good deal as i combo. Speed is essential to me, especially in the morning.


  1. Blending is filling (in case you combination at the proper thickness):

As you’ll see inside the video later on this put up, i combination my best blender machine exquisite thick in order that i’m able to “chunk” the smoothie and devour it with a spoon, which permits the digestive enzymes in my mouth to pre-provoke digestion and make me fuller, quicker. Due to the fact i will frequently spend a good 30-45 mins reading articles, speakme with my kids, or sorting through the mail even as i nibble away at my smoothie, i’m often greater complete than if i might sat down to fast gulp down Baron Verulam and eggs.


  1. Blending would not spike your blood sugar as plenty as juicing:

Fiber is one super manner to lower the glycemic index of a meals. Juicing gets rid of pretty much every shred of fiber, while blending does now not. Through the way, you are approximately to reinvent your concept of fiber intake whilst you see the video later on this put up.


  1. Blending produces much less waste:

Mixture just about each little aspect besides the shell of my brazil nuts. So the only aspect i really need to smooth after blending is the bpa-free blender jar itself, and the spatula i exploit to scrape each remaining little bit of goodness out of the blender.


  1. Mixing permits you to without difficulty consume superfood cocktails:

Let’s face it: superfoods like chlorella, maca, spirulina, cacao, goji berries, chia seeds, flax seeds and protein powder are hard to consume along with your palms out of a ziplock bag. Dumping those type of factors into a mixed smoothie makes it a long way less complicated to supply boatloads of vitamins on your frame.


  1. Mixing makes it easy to consume your veggies:

Similar to juicing, making large salads also can be extremely time ingesting. Do not get me wrong: i like sitting all the way down to my lunchtime “huge-ass salad”, but often don’t have the time or need to paintings via lunch. So i will often placed the complete day’s serving of kale, bokchoy, spinach, broccoli, cilantro, parsley and other greens into my blender and sell off it all into my giant fortunate mug (and no, you don’t need to worry approximately those goitrogens).


  1. Blending also makes it smooth to eat your fat:

Through dumping the entirety from avocados to coconut milk (choose bpa-free coconut milk) to coconut oil to mct oil to flax seed oil, hemp seed oil and additional virgin avocado oil (i use this stuff) into your blender, you can without problems attain your each day desires for anti inflammatory omega-three fatty acids and different fat which are critical to your ldl cholesterol, blood, joint, mind and nerve health.

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